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More About Me...

Although I loved the subject, I couldn't help but feel like something was “off”.


Right about that time and to fulfill one of my university studies requirements,
I enrolled in Art101. It took absolutely no time at all before I was hooked! After years of feeling somewhat academically disconnected, I felt like I was finally where I belonged and quickly settled on visual communications as my aim. 

As much as I loved discovering where
we come from and how we relate to our world, I needed the connection of why and how we connect in the present,
and graphic design, for me was such an exciting way to explore that.

I hold a BA in Visual Communications as well as an Entrepreneurial Certificate. My career background is graphic design, with and emphasis in print and publishing. I love creating something

new out of abstract concepts; making connections to solidify someone's vision to make it clear and understandable. Even if the results of a project are different from initial expectations, the process itself; creative problem-solving, is as exciting a part of the journey as the end result!


I have great respect for how technology has opened up a multitude of channels for designers to employ to reach their viewers effectively. Today's typography, photography and illustration have an even greater significance, I feel, in how they are utilized to convey concise,
high-impact messages that appeal to and resonate with today's tech-savvy audience. Even with the sophistication of this ever-expanding digital age, I feel that there continues to be a solid and successful partnership with technology, communication, and the ever-important human connection.

I have these little Mexican folk art clay figurines. I'm fascinated by the intricate details of them, but one of my favorite aspects is how they contain the finger-print of the artist within the texture of the clay. It’s such a minute detail, but it's the evidence of the personal touch that sets it apart from any object that can be mass-produced.I guess that's the anthropologist in me, after all...  CP

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