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What I've Done

​Over my extensive design career, I have worked in publishing, as a design and production consultant, 
art director, freelance designer, and digital printer. I enjoy and excel in collaborating and 
working in creative groups.
I have worked on both sides of the process of visual communication. I feel this has afforded me great insight in how to be a better designer.

Please take a moment to download my resume and browse my portfolio samples.
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About Me

Hi! I’m Christen (sounds like Kristin). I grew up in a creative family and always had a love for drawing, painting and writing. During my high school years, I decided that I wanted to be an anthropologist and put my focus on college readiness courses. I spent my first two years at school headed towards a degree in Physical Anthropology (it's the study of the biological and behavioral aspects of human beings, non-human primates and their extinct ancestors).

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What I Do

My skill set is primarily in the print and publishing world, though I have explored 
(non-coding) web and digital design. I can say with complete confidence, that, "never have
I ever" shied away from learning new hardware or software technologies.
 I believe that having begun
my career in design using 
traditional methods through the industry-wide conversion to all things digital, has given me the advantage of having deep roots while continuing to grow as the field progresses.


Browse my portfolio samples from my design and production projects. Click on any thumbnail to bring up full slideshow...

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